Monday, November 5, 2007

dont be scared of it because it´s cool!

Post from Playground & Imperfection:

Continuing with the internet-influence-in-fashion&style topic, I should makea brief comment about i-D mag (for me the magazine with the most super-cool covers) october issue, which was dedicated to it under the idea of: "dont be scared of it because it´s cool!".

Between the article, the most interesting for bloggers it´s "Modern technology owes ecology an apology" as regards this new culture that it´s growing very fast and that I have already talked about in a previous post: StreetStyle and coolhunting in blogs with mentions to famous bloggers such as the Sartorialist, facehunter or SusieBubble. the article is excellent from start to finish, giving you a global vision of what is going on in the "business".

this sentence summarizes the real scope of blogging activity and importance in the fashion industry "fashion is an extremely moving business. blogs give you real-time access to new trends: 365 days of the year"- Jim Nail, Cymfony´s Chief Strategist and Marketing Officer.

we can forecast an increase of bloggers, as well as an increase of their influence in fashion specially in the press activity, because magazines such as Vogue, i-D, Nylon or Dazed&Confused are already taking them into account.

trends are mixing all around the world, there is not more must-have items for each season, everything goes as long as you are able to pull it on and make unique and appealing in your own way. that´s what bloggers are trying to do: show unique ways of "living" fashion.

i-D myspace (where you can take a look at the video of the october issue)


Lady N said...

great post.

Summer said...

I agree, but what does that mean for traditional media and fashion editors? With mini-trends beamed around the world by bloggers, can the they even keep up?

I like to touch on this topic in my own blog posts ( because I want the big guys to find better ways of using their space!

Carolyn Keene said...

i love i-D...

Tara Diane said...

I completely agree that fashion blogging has changed the industry for the better. I'm a marketing major and I'm in a retail marketing class right now and there's a nice section about how fashion designers look to the internet a lot now for inspiration. It's nice to see "the masses" influence fashion.