Friday, October 12, 2007

When the posts stop coming

In the beginning thinking of posts are easy, you probably had some posts lined up in your head before you even started blogging... you hit your stride, posting all the time, then it comes, or more accurately it doesn't come.

I've had times when it's difficult to think of what to post, really difficult. There is so much out there, and the focusing on a topic for a post can at times be overwhelming. Sometimes the ideas just stop. Frustration can build up perhaps because there aren't very many comments, or traffic numbers are dwindling.

Ah... the worries of a blogger.

So here are a few tips to keep the ideas posting.

  1. Make blogging a habit. You are more likely to keep blogging if it is part of your daily routine. Posting every day isn't necessary, but working on writing everyday will enhance your writing skills.
  2. Keep a notebook of ideas. It's old school, but it works.
  3. When in doubt, post. One of the cool things is seeing a blog evolve over time, there is no such thing as a perfect post, so don't worry and have fun.
  4. Write about your experience. Be honest. Maybe your having a tough time, or maybe you're having the time of your life, chances are, someone can relate, and probably needs to hear it.
  5. Go out and interact with the analog world. It's so much richer than the digital sphere. I like to go window shopping and to actually try on shoes and clothes as inspiration, perhaps future posts. I also like to go out and meet shop owners and designers in person, then they become part of my experience... and easier to write about.
  6. Hang out with your friends. Maybe what you really need is a break.
  7. Visit a museum, the zoo... take a class... these things help add richness to your writing. I am a huge art lover and I like to draw parallels between art and fashion, it makes for interesting posts.
  8. Find more blogs and comment on them. Seeing other people's perspective may free some of your own perspective.
  9. Chose an angle and write from it. Sure ankle boots are hot this fall... why do we care? Ooooh.... because they look so good with acid wash skinny jeans? Because my best friend bought a pair and I shamelessly copy her? My legs are my favorite part of my body?
  10. Read how others overcome bloggers block, Pro Blogger has a great post with 20 different ways to overcome blogger's block.
And if all else fails.... take a nap. That always helps.


Alicia said...

I have not really been doing so great with my blog. I have been all over the place and not posting for long periods of time. I decided to do a search and read some other peoples blogs for inspiration and no joke this is the first blog I came too I am completely inspired to start fresh with a new outlook on blogging thanks
Much Thanks Alicia

r said...


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The site is not restricted to designers...All fashion lovers are welcome to join the community =)

Ashe Mischief said...

This is a great post! I often worry about not being able to fill content for my blog (in addition to trying to find time to write, that isn't during my Fund Development class!). There are some really inspirational ideas on here, and help get the juices flowing.

WendyB said...

All good ideas. Especially #2. I'm sure everyone is having interesting little thoughts all day. When I'm out and about and notice something that intrigues me, I use my Treo to send an email to myself.

Sara from The Bargain Queen said...

I second the suggestion about going shopping. Two hours in the shops gives me a dozen post ideas: how to wear various trends; which current trends are worth bothering with; how to pick items that look great on you or are better quality; and most importantly, where to find the best deals.

Pity I don't get to shop more often!

Chic and Charming said...

I find shopping to be inspirational as much so that I've considered carrying my digital camera around with me to capture items that pique my interest.

Candid Cool said...

All inspirational tips. I really need to push myself with #1, I'm lazy by nature. And I totally agree with Sara, shopping is always gives me some inspiration.

LaLa said...

Thank you for the list of ideas... great to keep a writer in focus and motivated .. :)

Ondo Lady said...

This is a brill post, great ideas come from anywhere. Another thing to bear in mind are pictures or videos as they really sell a blog.

styleandsubstance said...

Look for inspiration in unconventional places. For me, I adore food, so the upcoming holiday recipes are just as rich and vibrant as the hues in fashion-

Either that, or I'm just obsessed with food! lol

Bobble Bee said...

GREAT post jennine! i couldn't agree more with you :)

essentially-c said...

The thing I wonder about is, how big the pressure must be when you need that kind of inspiration and new ideas for a new collection as a designer ...