Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Magazines vs Blogs

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The Musings of Ondo Lady

I never thought I would say this but I really think the magazine era is over. Last week was London Fashion Week mania with every fashion blogger in town adding their two pence about their thoughts on the shows. Then later in the week, the latest pictures from the much awaited Sex and the City (S&TC) film dropped and the whole of blogsphere went ballistic. I must have read about 50 blog entries gushing about the new pictures and seen the image of SJP in Carrie Bradshaw mode floating down NYC in her green flimsy summer dress about a zillion times. She looked great as usual and the blog to blog coverage of the taster showed a tiny glimpse as to how BIG the S&TC film will be.

Yesterday, I bought my weekly edition of Grazia magazine which had the usual editorial from Editor, Jane Bruton. Nothing unusual there except that she was raving on about the new trends from London Fashion Week and describing how excited the staff got over the new stills from the S&TC film. I thought to myself, Jesus this is a bit old hat. London Fashion Week effectively ended last Thursday and that seemed yonks ago and as for the S&TC pics all I could think was been there, done that and bought the t-shirt. My point is that Grazia is a weekly magazine and prides itself on being on the cutting edge of news, fashion and celebrity. Their USP is that they can cover stories that the monthly mags such as Marie Claire and Elle cannot do but for this week they seemed a little out of touch.

Talking of cutting edge, lifestyle portal, handbag.com has had a facelift and shed their pink branding. They have also dropped a lot of sections such as property, money and relationships and now concentrate on fashion, beauty, celebrity and entertainment. In other words they are now just like any other online female magazine. To be honest I am not too keen on the new look handbag.com at all as I think they have lost a lot of their personality. On the other hand the Marie Claire website is totally ravishing. Well designed and easy to navigate, the website covers topics such as fashion, health and food. The best bits of the site are the videos where they carry interviews with various fashion personalities. You can watch footage from fashion shows, behind the scenes with celebrities and there are also trailers from new film releases. Blogsphere leads all the way.


Kori said...

I have to disagree that the magazine era is over. It's true that blogs cover fashion news faster than magazines, but I mostly read fashion magazines for the editorials, anyway. For me, it's important to have something beautiful and glossy to cut pictures from every now and then. I love both blogs and magazines, and its my opinion that they can coexist very nicely.

Helen said...

hmmm I've often thought that mags will go out of date, but the thing is some people aren't that tech savvy. Some people pride themselves on not being glued to the net for info - if only they knew what is at their fingertips.

Miss Shoo said...

I'm somewhat of a magazine junkie, so my initial thought is absolutely not, on magazines reaching their peak. I do believe magazines have to re-structure themselves, because the world in which we live is very different. Information is received and processed a lot sooner, so any magazine with an online presence needs to adapt or risk becoming extinct.

For me the bottom-line becomes, a blogger can instantly deleted their blog and or entries, or stop posting, but a magazine takes time to produce, if someone becomes uninterested or moves on, they hire a new person to take that person's place.And even if they go the defunct route, there is still something tangible there to collect. People want something they can touch and feel, thus why books aren't dinosaurs yet; even with audio books and e-books.

I truly believe both blogs and magazines feed each other. I often discover new designers, photographers, art directors, etc in the pages of the magazines I adore. There is something about sifting through the pages of a magazine, dog earring them, and or cutting the pictures out to inspire a mood board. I think they can and must coexist together, harmoniously of course.

PS: This is a very thought provoking topic, which I enjoy immensely!

discothequechic said...

Fantastic post, Onda Lady. I completely agree about the future of magazines. I think there will still be a market for bi annual glossies, but everything seems a little uncertain for the others!

I definitely think that the future of blogging is very strong though, and they will be very influential.

I don't think it's so much the case that magazines are behind, it's just that blogs are too fast. Its crazy that Grazia magazine can be put together in virually a week or so anyway, its just a shame for them that technology is racing ahead.

S xx

Mónica Lice said...

Great blog!

Kisses from Portugal!

Candid Cool said...

I'm with miss shoo, i think magazine & editorial content feed blogs. When I want to see the day by day fashion week coverage I look to blogs, when I went to see all the overall looks catagorized into trend/shape/color etc. I go to the magazines.


Trendini said...

I have to agree with you to a certain extent. I must admit that after seeing picture after picture of Carrie's big floral red dress, I got sick of it...And when those pics appear in US weekly a week later (and Harper's Bazaar in about 2 months) Ill be even more annoyed. However, there is something to be said about flipping through a magazine. It is something tanglible that bloga cannot provide. I usually take a couple of days to finish a magazine, looking over ads, reading editorials- its a whole experience. Whereas a blog is read through and done with in a matter of minutes...interesting to see where blogs will go (esp the fashion celeb ones) in another few years...great post!

fashionholic said...

yeah.. I have to agree with you there.. the magazines aren't really up to date anymore.. by the time the magazines come out the news are already old news..

Haute Concept said...

I think that they are two different beasts.

I do think blogs will continue to gain traction and sway as they evolve and mature. But magazines will stay around for the near future since people still like to "hold and touch" and look at the editorials.

But as a blogger I do spend more time on blogs and subsribe to many more blogs than I do mags.